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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there parking nearby?

Yes!  There is street parking directly in front of the salon on Avenue road, as well as a Green P parking lot at Brooke and at Roe.  Both lots and street parking take coins, credit cards, and are Green P app ready!

What is the difference between Gel and Shellac?

If we are talking about polishes, Shellac is a type of Gel polish.  Similar to Kleenex, Shellac was one of the very first brands to introduce Gel polishes to the beauty industry.  Jolie does carry Shellac brand gel polishes, but we also offer several other brands!  Alternatively, we do offer "Gel Nails", which are considered to be nail enhancements as they add on to the length and thickness of your natural nail.


How safe are eyelash extensions?  Are they going to ruin my natural lashes?

Eyelash extensions are completely safe is done by a trained professional.  All of the technicians at Jolie have been educated on how to properly apply and maintain eyelash extensions.  Our lashes are applied as one individual extension to one individual lash, and we will choose an appropriate thickness and length as to not put too much weight on the natural lash.  Good eyelash extensions should not stunt the growth, bend, snap, or harm your natural lashes in any way!


Can I get my nails done the same day I get a spray tan?  Waxing?  Lashes?

We try our best to accommodate multiple services in the same day!  You have to keep in mind that when you get a spray tan, you must keep liquids away from your skin.  We can absolutely accommodate multiple services with a spray tan, we just have to schedule them accordingly to make sure you don't come in contact with any oils, liquids, or adhesives.

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